sabato 21 ottobre 2017

the rights of same sex couples

When they try to create a Sacrament, in My Churches, out of an abomination, they will say it was because of the rights of same sex couples

My dearly beloved daughter, the visions I allowed you to be shown, of souls plunging into Hell, was not to frighten you. Instead, it was to show you the reality. In this way you will now understand how I suffer, every day, as I watch souls plunge into the depths of Hell.
Oh if people only knew the terror of Hell, and the way in which the beast devours such souls, they would avoid sin at all costs.
Those same souls can still be saved, My daughter, through the prayer of the Grace of Immunity. By doing so, you, My disciples, will bring Me relief from this terrible heartbreaking scourge.
Those, who die in mortal sin, are destined for the fires of Hell. Many commit these sins, in the belief that if there really is a God, then, He is merciful. And so, they continue to sin, until they justify their sins, so that they become, eventually, in their eyes, to be of no consequence.
They will say that they had no choice because their sin was necessary in order to benefit others.
With the sin of murder, they will say it was to avenge the death of another.
With the sin of prostitution, they will say it was to help their family put food on the table.
With the sin of abortion, they will say that it was to benefit the life of the mother and to make her life easier. In the case of sexual deviation, they will say that it was just a natural thing.
In the case of those who participate in the practices of the occult, they will say that it is harmless fun, yet they honour the beast when they do this.
When they persecute others and destroy not only their name, but their livelihoods, they will say that this was a necessary punishment, for the sins of others.
When they destroy another person in mind, body and soul through dictatorship, they will say it was for their own good.
When they try to create a Sacrament in My Churches, out of an abomination, they will say it was because of the rights of same sex couples who have the same rights as others.
When they destroy My Church, from within, they will say that all churches are equal. They will use the excuse that there is only one God, so they can introduce a pagan church.
These sinners are the lost souls I speak of.
To help them, you must first of all look into their eyes. Think of them as your children or your brothers or sisters. See them through the Eyes of God. Then you will feel love. But terror will fill you, because you know in your heart, the terror, which will face them. How you must pray that they will see the Truth, soon.
How you must pray for the salvation of these souls.
Every child of God, including those whose souls are black, is loved.
Their sins must be destroyed, before all God’s children can unite, as one family, in My New Kingdom.
You, My daughter, have been given all the graces and the ammunition to destroy sin and to save, not only your own soul, but, the souls of others.
Thank you, My daughter, for having responded to My Call.
You have much work to do.
Your Jesus
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The Warning is a form of Global Confession

My dearly beloved daughter, write this. You are now undergoing intense suffering in order to save those souls of darkness who reject Me and My Father.
So closed and hardened are those souls that it will be only be through the prayers of others and the suffering of victim souls that they can be saved, for they will refuse to seek redemption. Their stubbornness will stop them from feeling enough remorse to confess their sins and beg for forgiveness.

The Warning is a form of Global Confession. It will be the time when everyone will be expected to ask for the forgiveness of their sins, or face rejection. So many souls in darkness will refuse My Hand of Mercy. They will turn away from Me.

You, My daughter, along with all My devout followers can help save their souls from eternal damnation.
I would never pressurise My children to suffer in My Name. But for those who offer Me, as a gift, their help through suffering, I can redeem much of mankind.
Suffering comes about from the attacks of Satan, when he torments souls who are close to Me and those who are appointed by Me to lead a holy Mission to convert souls. Know that when these attacks come, you are in union with Me. You will then get to know Me so well. You will know how I feel – My Joy, My Sadness, My Grief, My Pain and the terror when I lose a soul to Satan.
Do not worry. Already, millions of souls have already been saved through these Messages.
The prayers of My devoted army are already mitigating global disasters and the departure of My Holy Vicar from the Vatican. Their obedience in reciting My Divine Mercy Chaplet is saving souls right now.
My daughter, make sure that all My children understand that I speak to all religions and denominations through these Messages. I exclude no one, for they are all children of God. There is only one God and that is My Eternal Father, God of the Most High.
Come together with Me, children, and let us work as one to save My souls all over the world, quickly. By prayer alone you can help Me save the world.
Your Jesus
Saviour of all Mankind
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M-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: A new sunspot rotating over the sun's southeastern limb erupted during the late hours of Oct. 20th, producing an M1-class solar flare, This breaks a string of deep quiet that has lasted since mid-September. An extreme UV telescope onboard NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast:

Play it again. The movie shows a volume of gas in the sun's atmosphere being swept aside by the explosion.  That gas formed the core of a bright coronal mass ejection (CME)--a cloud that billowed away from the sun at approximately 340 km/s. Because the blast site was so far off the Sun-Earth line, the CME will not hit Earth. Free: Aurora Alerts.


Nel Terzo Segreto di Fatima Lucia riferisce di uno specchio, un vescovo vestito di bianco e del Santo Padre. Che cosa ha tentato di nascondere il Vaticano in tutti questi anni? Decine di profezie e messaggi ci hanno avvertito dei giorni che stiamo vivendo. Ma noi, come sempre, preferiamo non ascoltare.

billions of souls already in Hell

The billions of souls already in Hell are those who rejected Me shamelessly during their life

My dearly beloved daughter, the vision I permitted you to witness last night, was to strengthen your spirituality, and to show you the Truth of life after death.
During the first hours after death, Satan sends his demons to tempt souls – even at that stage.
He tempts them to reject the state of Purgatory. He does the same thing to those, who have died in a state of grace, who are destined for Heaven.
I showed you the speed by which souls plunge into Hell and the terrifying persecution they face, in order to warn those who do not believe it exists.
Billions of souls are there already, and there are so many entering every second, that it appeared to you like a shower of fallen stars, like a hailstorm, falling into the lake of fire.
I showed you also the shock and the joy of those souls faces, when they have been plucked, at the last minute, and saved. This is due to the suffering accepted by victim souls, for the salvation of such souls from Hell.
You saw, first, the terror, and then, the fear in their faces, as the Truth of their final resting place dawns on them. Then you were shown the joy on their faces when they realised that they had been spared.
The billions of souls, already in Hell, are those who rejected Me, shamelessly, during their life on earth. Many were smart, intelligent people, in positions of influence in the world, who went to great lengths to ensure that the Word of God was not heard. Many were responsible for ordering the murder of thousands of innocent people. They executed God’s children without one ounce of remorse in their hearts. They performed vile acts, involving sexual perversities, which are offensive to God and detested by Him.
Many, caused persecution against God’s Churches through secular activities, and in some cases, joined the enemy in black masses, where they worshipped the beast.
These are the souls you are saving, My daughter. Those with blackened souls and hearts of stone.
There are ten times more souls in Hell than in Purgatory. The billions of souls in Hell, all in different levels, outnumber those in Heaven by thirty-three for every single soul.
It is not easy to go to Heaven, and it takes much commitment to prepare your souls to enter the gates.
This is the time of the Truth. The Truth is not always pleasant, but it is necessary for all of God’s children to understand.
My Mercy is, however, great. When you ask for it, for yourselves, your prayers will be answered. When you ask for another soul to be saved, especially at the time of their death, your call will be heard. If you do not ask for My Mercy, it cannot be given.
At the time of The Warning, My Mercy will be poured all over the earth. Then you must ask Me for My Great Mercy, to protect you.
To those who reject My Mercy, this will be by their own free will.
My Mercy is plentiful, yet so few ask for it.
Your Jesus
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Terribili ore verranno al mondo

Chiedo in tutta umiltà amore, amore da tutti i Miei figli, amore alla Santissima Eucaristia, amore e rispetto ai Comandamenti e ai Santi Sacramenti.
Carbonia 14.10.2017
Ore 17:04 durata 12m 17sec

L'inverno entrerà nel suo male e nel suo male prenderà molti figli.
Questo inverno sarà duro per chi non si sarà convertito all'Amore.
Figlioli l'inverno è il freddo dell'anima, è quel male che attacca l'uomo lontano da Dio e lo porta alla morte.

Sono con voi sempre, e vi urlo tutto il Mio Bene, ma voi siete sordi e ciechi, siete presi dall'avversario che vi conduce alla fine della vostra vita.
Amati Miei, queste Mie parole vi aprano il cuore, vi richiamino alla vera vita in santità e amore.
Vi chiedo il rispetto al Vero Magistero della Chiesa e vi chiedo di non abbandonarla, Gesù è presente fino a quando non sarà tolto dai Suoi altari.
Congedatevi dalle cose del mondo e venite a visitarMi al Mio Tabernacolo, le Chiese sono ancora aperte, state vicino a Me, consolateMi, fino a quando le porte non Mi verranno chiuse!
Figlioli la Chiesa è nella grande tempesta, la barca di Pietro affonda, il tormento entrerà nei cuori dei Miei sacerdoti, presto apriranno i loro occhi e vedranno il grande abominio.
satana banchetta già all'interno delle Chiese, è soddisfatto del suo lavoro e si sente ormai vittorioso, ma l'ultima mossa spetta a Me, il Dio dell'Amore.
Chiedo in tutta umiltà amore, amore da tutti i Miei figli, amore alla Santissima Eucaristia, amore e rispetto ai Comandamenti e ai Santi Sacramenti.
Figli Miei, il buio entra piano piano, non state con gli occhi chiusi, state vigilanti, osservanti della Mia Parola; state con gli occhi aperti, le cose non saranno più in Me, perché l'uomo iniquo inserisce la sua parola, sostituendola alla Mia, cambia il Santo Vangelo con il suo.
La lotta verrà molto dura, gli uomini saranno disorientati, ma IO li radunerò a Me con la Croce in cielo.
Abbiate amore per Me e amore per voi stessi oh uomini, abbiate carità per Me e per voi.
Il tempo della grande sciagura segnerà il vostro cuore, sarà cosi gravoso che vi sentirete morire.
La pietra che avete scartato è divenuta testata d'angolo!
Il mondo cade nel disordine, nel disorientamento, il falsario continua nella sua missione distruttiva della chiesa di Gesù.
Aprite i vostri orecchi oh uomini e ascoltate attentamente, aprite i vostri occhi e guardate attentamente, aprite i vostri cuori all'Altissimo, perché in voi non venga la morte.
Terribili ore verranno al mondo, perché non si è convertito a Me, al Dio amore.
Tuoneranno i cieli, verranno giù grandine e fuoco, la Terra vibrerà come mai è stato, il suolo si aprirà in grandi voragini che inghiottiranno intere città!!
Tuonerà la Voce del Padre, tuonerà e sarà poderosa, l’uomo malvagio capirà all’improvviso che è giunta la sua fine.
Sorreggetevi nel Mio Santo Amore, venite a Me figli di Gerusalemme, camminate sulla retta via, tornate in fretta al vostro Dio Amore perché questa notte l'ira del Padre tuonerà forte.
Vi amo e vi benedico, vi attendo convertiti a Me per potervi prendere in Me, mettervi al Mio Petto e donarvi di Me.
Salvatevi oh uomini, salvatevi l'ora è giunta. Amen!

venerdì 20 ottobre 2017

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For the Jews, they will finally accept that the True Messiah has come

My dearly beloved daughter, My Second Coming will be the final chapter in the fulfilment of My Covenant. This Covenant will see the birth of the New Jerusalem.
This New Jerusalem will signify the unification of all God’s children, who accept the Word of the Lord.
For the Jews, they will finally accept that the True Messiah has come to bring them the salvation they crave.
I, Jesus Christ, from the House of David, will come as Saviour, according to the Holy Will of the one True God.
They rejected Me, the Son of God, Who came in the flesh the first time. This time, I will come from the Heavens and will envelope My Chosen People with the gift of My New Kingdom.
They will finally be at peace, for the Truth, will be seen by them, and they will accept the Existence of the Triune God. There is only one God. There can be no more. Yet I Am in union with My Father. I Am God. I came in the flesh to show humanity My Mercy and to salvage them from final damnation. My Holy Spirit is also in union with the one God as It manifests within the souls of the prophets and inflames the souls of God’s children.
So many people will fight fiercely against My Second Coming, including those who believe in the one True God. They will not, as has happened in the past, accept the Word of God, as it is revealed through the prophets.
Many good and devout Christians will continue to reject My Word, right up to the end.
My Word will be challenged and torn apart, by the Catholic Church, in particular. But know this. The time for My Second Coming is close, and those who continue to reject Me, and the promise I made to My Father to Create His Kingdom on earth, will be left to one side.
After My Great Mercy is revealed, and when every opportunity has been given to all those who won’t accept the Truth, then My patience will be exhausted.
Your Jesus
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